Professional Camera Stabilisation System

Meet the Photodrone

The platform that makes it easy to create a great
movies and pictures from the air and on the ground.


Ultra light and stable

Gimbal is carbon fiber profiled. All of carbon components are made in the molds and vacuum formed. This guarantees a very low weight 1.75 lbs and high strength. The carbon fiber and resin has aero industrial certificate.

Your own equipment

The platform is prepared for most DSLR cameras available on the market. Can carry up to 6.6 lbs

Remote control

This gimbal works autonomously or can be connected to the most available on the market flight controllers. You can connect pitch, roll and tilt and drive by camera's operator or yourself.

Follow mode

Drone discovers if the movement is a direction deviation or intended change of the device position and follow it.

Use cases

See it in action.

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